Fast and reliable information about sales and profits, receivables and liabilities, profitability and liquidity are the basis for successful corporate management.

We take care of your financial bookkeeping including sub-ledgers such as asset bookkeeping and open item bookkeeping, the operating bookkeeping with cost accounting and internal cost accounting as well as the payroll accounting.

We are a competent service provider for your financial accounting. Our spectrum ranges from classic bookkeeping to the generation of current information as a basis for strategic decisions in your company.

This also forms the basis for security, control and an overview of your financial situation.


Financial Accounting

  • Balance sheet, annual accounts
  • Determination of profits
  • Commercial and tax balance sheets
  • Annual financial statements
  • Interim financial statements
  • Special balance sheets
  • Liquidation deals
  • Dispute balance sheets

Payroll Accounting

  • Complete payroll accounting
  • Construction payroll accounting
  • Reports and evidence to the tax office, health insurance companies and professional associations
  • Preparation of certificates and applications
  • Consideration of wage tax structuring options
  • Other activities related to payroll accounting
  • Advice in connection with company pension schemes and lifetime working time accounts

Bookkeeping And Cost Accounting

  • Creation of legally required bookkeeping and records of companies and freelancers as well as voluntary bookkeeping or records of private asset managers or companies
  • Takeover of financial accounting, wage and salary accounting, asset accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable including dunning and collection
  • Selection and introduction of special bookkeeping, cost accounting and calculation systems
  • Preparation of utility bills for property managers and owners


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We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!