Advisory bridge - Turkey - Germany

Would you like to take advantage of the enormous growth opportunities in Turkey in the near future?

If so, then you need a reliable and competent partner who understands your language, is very familiar with both Germany and Turkey and can answer the following questions in a binding manner.


Where can i invest? Are there free trade zones?

Which permits do I have to obtain from which authorities?

Are there any commercial or tax regulations that I need to know?

How are my sales and income taxed?

Which funding can I take advantage of?

How can I establish contacts with authorities, suppliers and customers?

KOMUTAX Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH will help you with the questions listed above and with many other questions. Our employees are trained exclusively in Germany and are all at least bilingual. In addition, the KOMUTAX team also consists of employees who were trained in both Germany and Turkey and who have many years of professional experience in both countries. In this regard, the management sets a good example. Mr. Koçaş studied both in Turkey and Germany and worked as a tax advisor for many years. In Germany he successfully passed the tax advisor examination.

In addition, KOMUTAX Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH has an extensive network of cooperation partners in Turkey and Germany, which it can call up at any time for your benefit.

Visit us on our premises and talk about your project without obligation. We will treat your inquiries with the greatest care and discretion.

Your KOMUTAX team.


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We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!