Chamber of Tax Advisors

The chambers of tax consultants are the professional self-administration of all tax consultants established in their chamber area. As corporations under public law, they perform the tasks assigned to them by law and represent the professional interests of their members.

It aims to promote and develop the tax advisory profession as a freelance profession and as a body responsible for the administration of tax law and to position it in public. In doing so, they are particularly committed to the common good and the interests of consumers.

As advisors and service providers, they support their members in questions of professional practice. They ensure a wide range of vocational training and further education for professionals and their employees. They ensure the quality of professional practice through advice and professional supervision. In addition, they support the development of new areas of advice, promote dialogue in networks within colleagues, and maintain contact with politics and administration, institutions, chambers, and associations.

The 21 chambers of tax consultants work closely with the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants to represent the professional interests of tax consultants.

It is the legal central organization of the chambers of tax advisors and represents the interests of the profession in its entirety at home and abroad. She coordinates the formation of opinions between the chambers of tax advisors and brings about decisions on professional law and profession-related matters, which she forwards to the legislature and other institutions. In its statements on questions of tax law, the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors pays particular attention to the balance between the intended effect and practical feasibility. Other central tasks are the enactment and further development of the professional code as well as the promotion of professional training and the quality of professional practice.

As a professional self-administration, the chambers create the framework for successful professional practice by members of the tax advisory profession in Germany.


We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!