Criminal Tax Law

Being right is not enough: you have to be right too.

Anyone who reports legal and especially tax-related misconduct themselves or makes a confession can in many cases hope for a milder penalty. Particularly in criminal tax law, however, strict rules must be observed in order not to forfeit the exempting effect of the voluntary disclosure

Ultimately, every tax evader is exposed to the risk that his misconduct will be uncovered by chance or through targeted investigations by the authorities. Even small, unreported income from capital assets on, for example, an account held abroad or other income from renting out a granny flat or holiday home can result in drastic penalties. A voluntary disclosure must be complete and comprehensive. Due to the complex legal and tax situation, especially with many foreign forms of capital investment, it is advisable to consult a qualified advisor and adviser as early as possible


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We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!