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New specialist lawyer for Migration Law

The BRAK has decided on the specialist lawyer title for migration law. The catalogue of theoretical knowledge to be acquired now also includes questions on European and non-European labour migration.

Meningitis detected too late-hospital liable child for the consequences

OLG Oldenburg has sentenced a hospital to pay damages to a child for meningitis detected too late. The nurse recognized the condition of the five-year-old and still did not consult a doctor. This represents a gross treatment error (Ref. 5 U 156/13).

Allocation of FM frequencies by the Landesanstalt für Medien unlawful

The allocation of 11 FM frequencies to Metropol FM GmbH & Co.KG is illegal due to a violation of the principle of publicity. This was decided by the VG Düsseldorf (Az. 27 L 888/15).

German exports in September 2015: + 4.4% on September 2014

In September 2015, Germany exported goods worth 105.9 billion euros and imported goods worth 8 billion euros. According to the Federal Statistical Office, German exports in September 2015 were 4.4% higher and imports 3.9% higher than in September 2014.

Reimbursement of costs in excess of the fixed amount for the provision of two-sided hearing aids to a simultaneous translator in the military

The SG Karlsruhe decided that a higher-quality hearing aid equipment (beyond the fixed amount) was necessary for a simultaneous translator in the military for purely professional reasons (Ref. S 17 AL 1343/13).

Preliminary injunction to remove a press release from the website of the Federal Ministry of Education

Ds BVerfG has ordered the Federal Minister of Education and Research to remove the press release entitled "Red Card for the AfD" from the website of its Federal Ministry (Az. 2 BvQ 39/15).

Integration of refugees leads to positive economic effects in the long term

Refugee migration presents politics and society with enormous challenges. If the integration of the new people coming to Germany succeeds, however, this means a long-term gain for all. This is the result of a simulation by economists at DIW Berlin.

Bubbling tax revenues open up new scope for action

Tax estimators predict the treasury income of 672 billion euros for the current year. Against this background, the DIHK calls for sustained strengthening of public investment in order to create the conditions for sustainable economic growth.

Retail sales volume down by 0.1% in euro area

According to Eurostat, in September 2015, seasonally adjusted retail sales volumes fell by 0.1% in the euro area (EA19) compared with August 2015 and rose by 0.3% in the EU28.

Green light for anti-Corruption law

The Federal Council has approved the law on combating corruption. It extends the criminal liability of corruption in the private sector.



We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!