Digital Accounting

Accounting chaos and worry chew up your valuable time Are you drowning in receipts and invoice copies on slips of paper? Is your desk overflowing with stuff, leaving you with no room for other tasks? Do you have no idea which invoices have been paid and which have not, or what your current financial situation is? Then it's time to go digital with your accounting. By digitizing your finances and taxes, you can free up more time to focus on your core business activities.


Is Bookkeeping an Unavoidable Problem?

Accounting is not a key business for most businesses. Many people regard it as a chore. "Every merchant is obligated to keep books and to make his business operations and the position of his assets obvious in these according to the principles of proper bookkeeping," says paragraph 238 of the Commercial Code (HGB). Aside from this, the accounting department assists entrepreneurs in their decision-making. It may be determined whether a company is still on track using key data and business evaluations.

When it comes to digital accounting, the rules of good bookkeeping regulate what proper accounting is, in short: GoB or GoBD. Regularity does not simply apply to the storage of electronic books. It's also important to make sure that the books and records can't be changed later and that they're not erased before the retention period expires.

If you utilize KOMUTAX for your digital bookkeeping, you'll be able to quickly meet all legal requirements and keep your calm even during a tax audit. It makes no difference if your tax advisor conducts your bookkeeping or you do it yourself.


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We have opened our new branch in Bremen!

We have opened our new branch in Bremen!